River Road Honey Farm is located along the scenic Mississippi River and the Great River Road outside of Prescott, Wisconsin. A family-owned business for 17 years, our all-natural honey is produced the time-honored traditional way — with love and care for our bees and our community.

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Hand pointing to a queen bee in her colony.

River Road Honey Farm

Raw honey in bottles for sale.

Our honey is mainly wildflower honey, with some alfafa and clover depending on the location of our hives. Wildflower honey has a rich and universally pleasing taste. Our honey is ripe, freshly collected, and high-quality.

Various wildflowers our bees feed from.

Nature's most delicious sweetener, research also indicates that honey's unique composition makes it useful as an antimicrobial agent and antioxidant. Sufferers of seasonal allergies may build a tolerance to the pollen in your local flowers by consuming local honey, thereby reducing seasonal allergy symptoms.

About us

Picture of Eske Bennersen. Pictures of Eske and Audrey Bennersen.

I am Beekeeper Eske Bennetsen. I was educated in Copenhagen, Denmark and the University of Minnesota, as a Food Processing Mechanical Engineer. I take pride in my bees and my award-winning Wildflower Honey and Wildflower Creamed Honey. I often assist new beekeeping enthusiasts who benefit from my years of experience in beekeeping.

Picture of Eske and Audrey Bennersen.

Together with my wife Audrey, we've grown this rewarding family business and continue to expand our hives every year. We enjoy working to connect people and nature, providing the surrounding communities with fresh local honey, pollination services, and other hive products at local farmers markets, fairs, shows, and schools.

Find us

River Road Honey Farm is situated along the scenic Mississippi River and the Great River Road (WI Hwy 35) approximately 30 miles southeast of the Minnesota Twin Cities, outside Prescott, Wisconsin.  We offer apiary farm tours upon advance request, and we are an educational and entertaining stop for home school groups during harvest season in August.

You can buy our honey directly from us! Just stop by the honey farm during our regular hours, typically 8am–6pm.

W11954 497th Ave
Prescott, Wisconsin 54021
Phone 715-603-5026
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8am–1pm: Red Wing, MN, at the rail station,
starting June 5.

9am–1pm: Newport, MN, at the Newport Plaza,
starting June 20.

2:30pm–6pm: Cottage Grove, MN, at the CGUCC Farmers' Market,
starting June 17.

4:30pm–8pm: Lake City Market by the Lake,
starting June 17.

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